10 reasons to join cmotrade

1. Make life easier

You work hard and we want to make your life easier.

A cmotrade account is a quick and easy way to order building supplies. With fast delivery at great prices, you can save time, money and a lot of headaches. With cmostores.com you don’t just ‘own it’, you #cmownit!

2. Stop wasting time

You won’t have to go anywhere else.

Get a huge range of specialist building supplies, from doors, roof windows, drainage, insulation and roofing products. Once you’re signed up we’re sure to have what you need from over 75,000 products at a great price.

3. Exclusive discounts

Get the best discounts and pricing around.

As a cmotrade member, we’ll email you our best offers and you’ll get price-matched quotes whenever it’s possible. We want to look after you, so you know we’re the only place to shop next time. We monitor thousands of prices daily and watch the market, so you don’t have to.

4. Trade rewards

There’s more to life than working hard…

So a trade account rewards you too! Depending on how much you order, you could qualify for a free holiday or experience day. You could be driving a supercar or taking loved ones to the theatre or for a spa day.

5. Money in the bank

We know you want to look after your bottom line!

So, if you prefer cold hard cash to a rewards package, there’s a rebate option too. If you’re spending between £30K-£100K throughout the year, you could be due a percentage rebate at the end of the year, to get that cash in the bank.

6. Reliable delivery

The last thing you and your customer wants is delays!

With cmotrade, you can be sure of a first-class service. We want to get your materials out the door and onto site on time. We know you want a supplier you can rely on, and that’s where we come in.

7. Don’t be left hanging

It’s unusual to get great customer service these days.

Not with cmotrade. We cut to the chase and call back when we say we will. And even though we’re online, you can rely on us to be at the end of the phone with years of experience and the best advice. Over 80% of reviewers on Trustpilot rate our superstores as excellent.

8. Help with cash flow

You want to make money!

We can help you spread the cost with a credit account*. Manage your cash flow and take advantage of special offers and discounts by setting up your credit account with cmostores.com today. You’ll be bossing your business before you know it.

9. Less headaches

You want things done properly.

We help you to work smarter not harder. With a cmotrade account, you get a fast turnaround on your quotes. There are tools to help your order run smoothly. We’ll help you through your order to get the best quality product, the right quantities and eliminate wastage from your job. Smart!

10. Help your bottom line

Running a business isn’t easy. We want to help.

We want your business to be the best it can be. From tools to smooth out your paperwork to fast responses on quotes, we won’t hang around in getting back to you. With a cmotrade account, you get what you expect and improve on your bottom line as a valuable trade account customer.