Roofing Superstore is the first superstore to form part of the CMOStores group. Now decades into the industry, we are proud to say that by combining our knowledge of ecommerce and the roofing industry, Roofing Superstore boasts a 35,000+ product range.

Much of the success of Roofing Superstore is thanks to our dedication to high-quality customer service, as well as our extensive product knowledge and focus on efficient service. Today we continue to offer customers a dedicated space to search and order supplies within the construction industry.

We wouldn’t be what we are without our individual stores. CMOStores now offers over 75,000 products (and growing!), we ensure that our brands are kept up to date.

We understand the desire for easy finds and as such we have specialist sites dedicated to your chosen area. It all began with Roofing Superstore and expanded into the range of sites you see today.

What drove us to create Roofing Superstore?

Roofing Superstore was born from a combination of digital changes in retail and a desire to provide a better and more feasible service. Now long gone are the days where you have to queue at a traditional bricks and mortar builder’s merchant. Roofing Superstore will deliver your goods straight to site without any fuss. No wasted time spent at the builder’s merchants, just place your order online or over the phone with our specialist team and we can produce an invoice for you and a quote for your customers.

With senior over-the-counter route trading costs on the rise, it’s no surprise the internet thrived on low-costs products. We believe roofing shouldn’t be lost to the traditional trading age and so offer a full range of products with easy purchase online.

Who does Roofing Superstore support in the roofing industry?

All types of construction-related customers can benefit from our service, including:

  • DIY enthusiasts
  • Self-builders
  • Building contractors
  • Roofing contractors
  • Independent merchants and more

We understand the industry is busy. So with this easy solution you can search, select and order your desired product without adding to your busy schedule. As a bonus, you’ll be able to discover valuable information on each product through descriptions, guides and our trusted support team.

Whichever method you choose, our goal is always to make your shop is as easy as possible. We can also deliver selected products across the globe. Review our delivery section via FAQs for more information.

Our objectives as Roofing Superstore

Each objective we have is designed with your experience in mind. We don’t just offer a wide range of roofing products, we offer you goods from leading brand names at competitive costs to make sure you have the best deals.

The online approach also allows us to do our bit for the environment. By offering goods online, you can have products sent direct to your location from the manufacturers. This helps reduce emissions that may come from transportation that could be deemed unnecessary.

We do have some items within our very own warehouse. If ordered, we aim to deliver these using efficient transport methods to reduce the amount of CO2 emissions usually associated with the carbon footprint.

How does Roofing Superstore keep up with the construction industry?

New roofing products are coming out every day. As such, we ensure that we’re constantly updating our product range by keeping informed about the latest by our leading suppliers in the industry. Not only has this allowed us to keep our range topped up, but also learn unique requirements and attune the site to meet customer needs.

Updating the site also refers to your experience as a user. To ensure that you can have your desired experience, we have made it possible so that you can purchase with or without registering. We also offer a credit account known as part of the CMOTrade experience.

As a main feature, we also do our utmost to give you as much information as possible through the form of product brochures, technical data sheets, COSHH and more all supplied in PDF format. These are free to download and print.

The roofing products Roofing Superstore supplies

With over 75,000 products, it’s hard to know where to start. Here’s a handy list to show you just the start of how much we offer:

Lead Flashing Roof Vents
Flat Roofing Pitched Roofing
Roof Windows Roofing Sheets
Loft Insulation Fascia & Guttering

Search for different colours, sizes, brands and much more to help you get right down to the specifics of what you need. If you can’t spot something that is related to your requirement, get in touch to let us know! We want to make sure that we offer the best deals, so by giving us feedback you can in turn help yourself get a better deal on your product choices.

You can also obtain samples of selected products if requested.

Why should you consider Roofing Superstore as your chosen supplier?

Our dedication to customer service and passing on good prices to our customers are just two of the reasons why Roofing Superstore has grown to be the UK’s largest online roofing supplies merchant. But why should you join thousands of others and make Roofing Superstore your choice supplier?


We try to make our products as competitively priced as possible, but if you still need time to pay you can choose our finance options under specific terms and conditions. We also offer price match guarantees for excellent assurance that you can find an affordable product with your budget in mind.

Secure payments and secure data

Paying for goods online can be intimidating, especially if you’re new to the online shopping experience. We’re here to reassure you your payments are secure with PCI Level 1 compliance. This compliance is of the highest level which involves regular attack testing and site scanning carried out by third parties that need to be pre-approved and credited to carry out this work.

Our customer reviews speak for themselves

Feedback says a lot about a business and we’re very lucky to have a dedicated customer service and sales team. As a result of our customer focus, we have managed to receive many 5* reviews for our services, which you’re able to view here. Whether it’s delivery, products, price or your experience overall, we take pride in our approach and will ensure that you have the supplies and advice you need.

The value of our Roofing Superstore experts

We not only value our customers, but the team who support them every day. As a special dedication to the industry, we have ensured that they continue to have in-depth supplier-provided training to keep them up to date on our roofing products. This not only keeps them informed, but when you get in touch you will speak to a member who has extensive knowledge on your chosen products.

For more information, to place your first order with us or to find out more, please visit and contact us via phone, email or live chat.